Dhuler Petrol Pump Blast : Goa news

Monday,  27th February 2012

According to the sources dhuler petrol pump in mapusa behind Chapel cought fire this afternoon at 12:45pm. Actual cause of fire is still not known.
Also there is no news on number of causalities involved. One tanker and a corolla were totally burnt in the incident . This petrol pump is owned by Mr. Bhangle and as per the latest news fire broke out because of some electrical short circuit. stay tune for more info..


3 Responses to Dhuler Petrol Pump Blast : Goa news

  1. Omkar says:

    How and when did it catch fire i went frm the pertrol pump at 12:10pm ????????

  2. gopal says:

    another bad news ……2012 is tarable……….hope everything is fine there

  3. Pearl says:

    So many incidents taking place…just before the elections. This looks like political stuff. This never used to happen before. Then why is it happening now?

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